About Connor Cortese

Now in Business for 10 years, Connor Cortese has found the best way for companies to reach environmentally responsible people. Connor works with Green Marketing consultants around the country to get your message out

About Your Team

  • Connor Cortese
    Founding Parnter and Green Marketing Guru. Connor first discovered green marekting after a camping trip to the Pocanos where he saw a oil and tar stained baby seal with a plastic six pack holder around its mouth. Connor vowed to do what he could do to Save the baby seals
  • Robert Cortese
    Yes, This is Connor's twin Brother. Together they plan on taking over the world and putting an end to the plastic water bottle.
  • Conner Cortese
    The Alter ego. Many people have conflicting feelings about being environmentally responsible. Sometime we forget to recycle plastic. Sometimes we litter. Conner Cortese is the alter ego of Connor Cortese. We teach people to get rid of the alter ego that is so willingly to polute our earth